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Free Delivery For first 3 Months & 6 Months free trails.

To Redeem follow below steps.

1) Go to

2) Click on "START SHOPPING"

3) Click on "TRY IT TODAY" to get free shipping for first 3 months. Then click on "TRY IT FREE". This will take you to logon into your gmail id. Enter your gmail user id and password.    Click on accept. Choose "$10 per month" membership plan. Click on "ADD A PAYMENT METHOD" and give your credit/debit card details. And click on "BECOME A MEMBER". Don't scare to become a    member. This is trail one. If you become a member you get 3 months free shipping and you can cancel the membership at any time by clicking "My Account" --> Membership --> End Membership.    But right away don't end membership. You can you end your membership before 90 days. Till that time get free shipping. Before your trail shipping expires you get email notification about membership. At that time you can cancel or if you want you can continue. This entire STEP - 3 is optional. If you want free membership    follow step 3 instructions else you can skip STEP-3 itself.

4) Choose your favorite store like Walgreens, ToysRus, KOHLS by clicking Store tab button.

5) Do shopping $15 or more as you get $15 off.

6) While "PLACE ORDER" don't forgot to click on "REDEEM". Then you get $15 off your total price.