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Nithyananda vedic temple phoenix
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About Nithyananda vedic temple phoenix:
Serving the Greater Phoenix area, the Vedic Temple Phoenix is established and blessed by living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda. It is home of magnificient deities, energized by the Master himself, brings alive Authentic Vedic Rituals, Festivals, and is a center for Meditation and Enlightening Workshops. Vedic Temples… bringing Vedic wisdom to life! Our temple offers next to worship eN-Kriya sessions for local and global eN-Effect and individual Kundalini Awakening through the Master himself. This scientifically proven eN-Effect reduces the crime rate in the neighborhood and brings health, inner fulfillment, enlightenment, and contributes to global peace. At the same time the temple offers ample opportunities to develop bhakti or devotion to Existence. Additionally we offer programs directly with Paramahamsa Nithyananda via 2-way video conferencing live from India such as: Enlightened Wealth Enlightened Health Breakthrough Performance Enlightened Relationships Enlightenment from Birth to Death Yoga for Enlightenment Life Bliss Program and many more.
6605 S 39th Ave Phoenix, AZ-85041
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Phone : (602) 268-0233
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